Chubb Landlords Insurance response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Please click here to view the full statement released by Chubb: Chubb Landlord Response to COVID-19

We understand this may be a distressing and challenging time for individuals, but Chubb is available to assist and making every effort to ensure the high level of service is maintained.

Chubb is operating as normal for our customers and Chubb’s claims service continues without change.

There are no changes in the way you submit a claim whether by email or through your broker. Chubb are ready to assist with any new claims which can be sent to or through your broker.

Cover remains as per the current Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording, each claim is reviewed in line with policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

In case of a claim please submit the claim for review, providing all supporting documentation as per our normal claim process.

Embargo effective 5pm on 25th March 2020

Chubb are not issuing any new landlords policies or any endorsements to add any ‘loss of rent’ type cover to existing policies until further notice.

Renewal of existing policies

Renewal of existing policies will be assessed as per our current procedures & guidelines and are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

Chubb Contact details

Email for enquiries (not claims):

Email for claims: or via your broker

How Chubb pays claims:

All claims will be assessed on their individual merits and particular circumstances against all the policy provisions. Below is a general response which cannot take into account any specific claim considerations. You should therefore always discuss an actual loss situation with your insurance broker as your particular situation may differ from the general response below.

Question – If my tenant doesn’t pay rent due to financial problems the tenant has due to the Pandemic, can I claim the lost rent under my policy?

  • This may be covered under your policy depending on your specific circumstances. If it is, there is a policy limit on how many weeks rent can be claimed. You will need to show us that you have pursued collection of the rent from your tenant in the usual way and in a manner compliant with the law (which may change due to the Pandemic).

Question – A condition of the policy requires that the Landlord take all reasonable legal steps to remedy non-payment. How is this affected based on the Australian/State Government restrictions on tenant eviction?

  • The details remain unclear at this time but once all details have been published and effected in legislation then we will look to provide further guidance based on that. If or when the law changes you are expected to abide by it.
  • All claims will be assessed following our current procedures (where applicable) and are subject to the existing terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

Question – If I reduce my tenant’s weekly rent due to financial problems they have from the Pandemic, can I claim the amount I have reduced it by under my policy?

  • Generally, no, this is not covered under the policy. We always need to review the full circumstances of a claim to finally decide, but the policy is not aimed at covering this.

Question –If I waive my right to receive rent from the tenant for a few weeks because of the Pandemic, can I claim this amount under the policy?

  • Similarly, no, it is very unlikely that this will be covered. We always need to review the full circumstances of a claim to finally decide, but the policy is not aimed at covering this.

Question – How will the policy respond to hardship claims, such as, the tenant losing their job?

  • There is cover for ‘tenant hardship’ under the policy. This cover applies to rent you may lose due to a court, tribunal or legislation actually releasing your tenant from paying you rent specifically due to tenant hardship (as defined or awarded by the court, tribunal or legislation).
  • If this policy benefit applies, then there is a policy limit on how many weeks rent can be claimed under it.

Question – Do any policy restrictions specifically relate to this Pandemic or to cover during a pandemic?

  • Yes, there are some that may directly apply.
  • For example, ‘legal liability’ coverage usually has a policy exclusion for liability for bodily injury to anyone arising from transmission of a disease.
  • Another example is ‘rent loss’ cover. Some cover is provided for all or part of a building however this cover does not apply to a quarantinable disease.
  • Otherwise, cover remains as per the current PDS and Policy Wording.

Question – Due to current restrictions my property manager is unable to carry out property inspections so how will my policy be impacted?

  • The policy does not specifically require inspections to take place, but it does require other things, such as you or your property manager taking all reasonable precautions to protect and maintain the property. Speak to your property manager about alternate ways of viewing the property, such as video inspections sent by the tenant or inspections by appointment.
  • Other than this, cover continues as per your product disclosure statement and policy wording.


Remember, policy cover has not changed, but we now work under changed circumstances due to the Pandemic. Cover continues as per your current product disclosure statement and policy wording . Every claim is different in some way and so the above general guide will not be directly applicable to every claim. If you have a loss you should discuss it with your insurance broker.

If you want to submit a claim, nothing has changed from what your policy sets out about how to submit. Chubb is ready to help and review your claim!

We trust this assists, if you require further clarification or have other questions, please contact us or your broker.